Take your buddies to Codete!

Have you ever dreamt about having a really loosey-goosey job? Do you prefer casual, friendly vibes at work rather than an official atmosphere? At Codete we do, and we believe that people are the strength of every company. Join our referral program and recommend your buddies to us. Special bonuses await you!



Getting into details

The referral bonus is paid as follows:

  • 4.000 PLN gross for every recommended and hired person

What’s more? You can get some money, and spend it on having such a fun together:

  • The bonus is given for every recommended candidate that will pass the recruitment process and will be offered to join our team. The whole sum is transferred to your account if the candidate will pass the 3-months trial period and will receive positive feedback.



What’s it all about?

Who are we looking for?

Our goal is to make Codete a place full of experienced, skilled IT specialists. We’re searching for  mid and senior specialists with technical skills and open minds.

We believe that hiring based on referrals can be way more effective than depending on even the most sophisticated covering letters or curriculum vitae. Codeters’ comfort is crucial for us, and that’s why we encourage you to bring your friends to Codete.

If you know someone who feels like starting working with us, just send us candidate details by filling in the form below.

How did it start?

Let us tell you about Nikolay, our Codete referral campaign hero. In 2021, he proved that only the sky's the limit, and he presented to us a great bunch of friends. As all of them fit perfectly into our expectations, we decided to hire this pack of friends together and that’s how it began.

Now Nikolay, Dmitriy, Alexandra, Roman, and Alexey are meeting every day, easily mixing friendly vibes with work. Besides this unique opportunity, Nikolay also received a few valuable material prizes – can it be better?

Why is it worth it?
If you’re still wondering why you should recommend your buddies to us, here are the points:
  1. At Codete, it’s not only about IT. Take a break and visit our new Techies bistro anytime you want. Grab some tacos or a craft beer from our barman and work on the most challenging projects away from the desk, with your friends.
  2. There’s more to Techies than tacos, though: within Techies Space, we’re organizing tech meetups and creating room for knowledge sharing and networking. Join us!


You don’t have to be a Codeter to join our referral recruitment campaign. If you feel like starting working with us, just send your forms and convince your friends to do the same thing. Who knows, maybe soon you’ll become not only friends, but also colleagues? ;)

Perks & benefits

At Codete, we value the skills and passion that people bring to our projects. On top of the competitive salary, we offer additional benefits.

Desk and clock Icon

Flexible working time and place

Are you planning to visit a doctor or attend a get-together with family? The start and end of your workday, as well as the length of your break, are up to you. Just like your place of work.



623a8fe81cd69743d67ab32a_codete_benefitsikona 1
Worksmile benefits budget

Gain access to Worksmile, a multipurpose benefit marketplace and an employee experience platform that integrates well-being, communication, and social networking features.

623a8fe71cd697de6a7ab325_codete_benefitsikona 2
Personalized growth opportunities

We invest in your individual growth so that you may become a purpose-driven IT professional with the mindset and technical skill sets to distinguish yourself and help deliver long-term value to clients. There’s always a chance to change your career path anytime you want, and everything with the support of our Internal Mobility Manager. Discuss your expectations and skills, and get to know more about current projects and opportunities that may suit you.

623a8fe82ef7dab3640da0d0_codete_benefitsikona 3
Knowledge-sharing culture

Increase your knowledge by sharing with others, and learning from each other’s mistakes. Seize the opportunity to grow everyday by building collective knowledge.


How it works

In three easy steps, you can help your friend find a great new job and grab a bonus. Here’s how it works.



Send in your recommendation

Simply fill out the form below, leaving us your friend’s details and the job they match. Don’t forget to ask them for permission and let them know we will be contacting them soon!


Keep your
fingers crossed
Check your inbox regularly for updates on how your friend is doing in our recruitment process. We will let you know within a week at max if we move forward with your recommendation.


Grab your prize!

Are we a match with your friend? Congratulate them and get your reward for the successful recommendation! In the meantime, check out the payout rules.

Find your role in the Codete team and join us with your friends!

Browse job opportunities

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Refer your friend

Recommend your friends to us using the form below – we’ll take it from there.